Business Lounge


An exclusive self service business lounge

One of our clients wanted something a bit different in their central London, flagship office so they called us in to make the tech… tick.

The space is designed to provide their clients with a comfortable, multi-functional and above all private, lounge that they can use as they please. Our brief was to provide an audio-visual solution that would allow visitors to quickly use their own devices to present and collaborate in four locations and to implement an audio system that could be used during the day and for evening events.

A Barco Clickshare was used at each “booth” monitor to provide universal compatibility and ease of use for all visitors and a 70″ large format display complete with touchscreen control was employed in the “Club Meeting” area.

The finishing touch was a music streaming device that allows Bluetooth, Airplay, Spotify Connect and internet radio to be piped around the whole lounge with variable volume for each zone. When the TV is switched on the music is muted in it’s zone and when someone speaks through the announcement microphone the audio is smoothly faded out and back in again automatically.

Multi-functional spaces don’t get any more “self-service” than this.

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