Work Location Flexibility
Location flexibility or workplace flexibility is the ability for workers to work and collaborate from a range of locations and even different countries. Some savvy tech purchases can enable your workforce to work from different office locations, home, hotel or even a café if not working on sensitive material.

What are these savvy purchases I hear you ask? We like to design a bespoke system for each and every client so the equipment we recommend to you may be different to the company next door but below are some of our preferred systems. To discuss any videoconferencing/cloud calling systems just drop us a line.

Why use flexible working? The most obvious is time and money; if your workforce doesn’t need to travel to a meeting or conference and instead can tune in from their home or base office location you save on their travel time, fares and subsistence costs. Secondary benefits can include staff retention and a closer, more collaboratively minded team.

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Skype for business

Easy to use, you can connect using any equipment from any location, no fancy licenses or complicated tech needed. We can set up your boardroom and/or meeting rooms with a system to give you high quality video conferencing capabilities, easy to use control panels to get your workflow onto projectors and monitors and set up high quality ptx cameras and ceiling mics. For workers who are not in an office location all they need is a laptop, phone or tablet and they can see the material you share and join in with the meeting as if they were in the room with you.
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This is the more traditional videoconference equipment you will be used to seeing around offices. We still recommend these for some businesses and now they have upgraded their systems to integrate with Skype they are much more useable for the modern business.
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