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Technology Solutions

Scientifically Designed, Artistically Delivered
Based in Sheffield, tdc was established to provide an effective and cost-efficient approach to AV supplies, systems, and services. Today, the role of technology within the workplace is crucial in order to maintain communication across your business and with your clients. It also saves costs across the board for your business – from travel expenses, to paper wastage.

As the importance of technology has grown, so has our business. Since our inception, we have adapted and developed a reputation of quality in the AV industry, quickly becoming known for our wide range of dynamic supplies and services for business spaces of all kinds.

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Professional Team

Michael Hackett

Managing Director

Michael is the founder of the company with over 40 years AV Industry/Business Experience.

James Hackett


“Today, the role of technology within the workplace is crucial in order to maintain communication across your business and with your clients. It’s great to work with fantastic people who really care about the quality of the service they deliver to our customers. I enjoy the variety of projects that I am able to work on at tdc, as well as the challenge of developing new systems and AV solutions for our long standing and new clients.”

With over 15 years of industry experience, James is responsible for the delivery of many major projects. As Director, James oversees design, implementation, and commissioning – from initial consultation, to client training and handover. He has a wealth of specialist design experience working across all sectors in the UK, Europe, and Australia – with a strong focus on corporate AV solutions.

Qualifications Include:
Extron XTP Systems Design Engineer (XTP-E)
Extron Control Professional
Extron ProDSP Professional
Dante Level 2 Engineer
Shure MXA Certified

James Ward


“Finding and implementing the perfect solution for each client and project drives me to improve every day. No two situations are the same and in order to consistently deliver excellence I believe you must rely on a mixture of experience, knowledge, skills – and most of all, listening.”

James joined tdc in 2019 with 18 years in the AV industry and a Masters’ Degree in Electronic Engineering. He has worked in most sectors including commercial, residential, retail and luxury marine – and done so in positions ranging from R&D engineer, programmer and system designer to technical manager and company director.

James would love the opportunity to discuss tdc’s uniquely tailored approach to any AV needs you may have.

Jamie Middleton

Operations Manager

“No two days are ever the same at tdc. I love the variety of the work and the fact that we have a team of people who can look at a project from different perspectives ensuring that we always find the best solution. I believe this culture reflects in our approach to our clients and helps us provide what I understand to be an unrivalled customer service.”

Jamie has worked at tdc for 3 years managing Finance, HR and the general day to day running of the office. With over 20 years’ experience working in the public sector specialising in project management and operations, he has helped manage the growth of the Business. Whatever your requirements are, get in touch with him and if he can’t help, he’ll know someone who can.